Sharky Bar


126, St.130, Phnom Penh.

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Joe & The Jumping Jacks having a rockin’ good time at Sharky’s – pic: Steve Porte

What can we say about the ‘longest running rock’n’roll bar in Indochina’? Sharky Bar has been a fixture of Phnom Penh nightlife for twenty years. Founded by Michael ‘Big Mike’ Hsu as a watering hole for military personnel in post-UNTAC Phnom Penh, Sharky’s was – along with Martini’s and Heart of Darkness – one of extremely few ‘Barang’ bars in late nineties/early noughties Cambodia. Mike and his partners added a stage and Sharky Bar became the only place in town to hear expat bands. To find out more about the fascinating story of the venue, read this Cambodia Daily article written on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Sharky Bar. Experience some real rock’n’roll at Sharky when Joe & The Jumping Jacks or Mekong Messengers next hit the stage!

First Saturday of each month:

‘Joe Wrigley & The Jumping Jacks’

Rockabilly Trio

Sharky Bar, Phnom Penh


Third Saturday of each month:

‘Mekong Messengers’

Americana Deluxe

Sharky Bar, Phnom Penh



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