The O’Rigleys Reel Irish

Yes it’s that time of year again when peoples of all nations assert their Irish provenance.

The O’Rigleys comprises of three Englishmen and a Finn. Sounds like a bad joke but it’s entirely true. The good part is that they will be playing authentic jigs and reels, and Irish folk and pop. Also stuff pretty unrelated to St Patricks Day (or about as related to Ireland as most peoples around the world celebrating 17th March).


Paddy Rice – this Thursday it’s a gig, not an open mic.



Three Englishmen, Two Fiddles and a Finn.

Farm 26 Feb 16 Joe

Reel Good Stuff

Steve Sutcliffe – Electric Violin and Mandolin

Graham Kemish – Fiddle

Joe Wrigley – Acoustic guitar

Antti Siitonen – Cajon

Paddy Rice, Street 136 and Riverside, Phnom Penh

8.30pm, 17th March 2016.


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