Miss Sarawan at Total’s Night

When Miss Sarawan rocked up to Koh Pich City Hall last Thursday night, she was greeted by a wonderfully decked-out venue, dressed in the red-and-white livery of Total Cambodge. The huge and ornate ballroom was the setting for a luxurious dinner and entertainment show for the Phnom Penh based management and staff of the company. 

As the band tuned up their instruments, a troupe of talented performers from the Battambang-base Phare Ponleu Selpak adjusted their costumes, and a lightbox and projection screen was prepared for a skilled sand artist from Russia. 

As the dinner got underway, superb jazz players Stan Paleco (guitar), Andrey Meshcheryakov (bass) and Antti Siitonen (drums) warmed things up with some silky smooth and dazzling jazz tunes. 

As the applause from the hundreds of guests for the stunning sand artist and the amazing circus performers was still ringing out around the huge hall, Miss Sarawan took the stage and really kicked the celebrations into high gear.

After a few ‘Madison’ ‘Rom Vong’ and, of course, ‘Sarawan’ dance songs, the band kicked into some Western rock n roll. 

The staff of Total were ready for a party!

When all the speeches, presentations, and performances were done, it was finally time for a couple of last songs. How about a little ‘Caravan’, with explosive drum solo by Antti… followed by the best-loved song in Cambodia, ‘Chnam Oum Dop Bpram Muay’? … that’ll do nicely! 

Goodnight Total! Thanks for another great event and see you next time !



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