Hameer Zawawi at Counterspace could be a game-changer for PP

When singer-songwriter Hameer Zawawi got in touch from Malaysia, I knew that he would be bringing something extremely different and unusual to Phnom Penh, during his first ever visit here. He tags his music as ‘theatrical folk’ and it is highly original. Not the usual cover song stuff or genre-led music.


A different kind of artist requires a different kind of venue. We love the Phnom Penh music scene but sometimes stuff gets lost in noisy bars: if you present something as background music, it gets treated as background music – listening optional, with no entry charge.

Let’s change that. Wouldn’t it be great to have a small, fully kitted-out venue where emerging artists and overseas artists could play a great, intense and intimate show, for a reasonable cover charge?

Enter Dana and Neb of the new Java Creative Cafe on Street 468 in Tuol Tumpung, Phnom Penh. Java have created a purpose-built, 54-seat, black box theater space which spans the first-floor mezzanine and the ground floor of the new Java Creative Cafe. They call it ‘Counterspace’.

Dana and Neb were VERY responsive and EXTREMELY generous when I explained that I needed a place for Hameer to make his debut in Phnom Penh… in quite a quick time frame. Within a couple of days the show was organised, tickets on sale and poster created. Cheers guys!

When Phnom-Penh-based engineer Warren Daly agreed to help with sound and lights, and local emerging music star Vanntin Hoeurn agreed to open the show, I knew I was on to ‘a winner’.

Hameer’s latest EP is entitled ‘Plug Out The Machines’

Now all we need is… you! Will this show be a one-off… or can we carve a niche for interesting small music concerts, properly produced, in Phnom Penh? The audience will decide!

Seats are strictly limited at 54, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. The tickets for this show are being processed via last2ticket – you can buy online via your visa card or via ABA pay …. or walk-in to Java Creative or Java Cafe (central) to purchase with cash.

Simply click this link to purchase your ticket:


Keep up-to-date with the event via the Facebook event page:
Learn lots more about the headlining artist Hammer Zawawi:

Leng Pleng Interview with Hameer Zawawi Thursday 7th June 2018:


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