Scoddy & Joe Save The Night

Scoddy & Joe

Friday evening and the clouds over Phnom Penh decided to burst.  The heavy downfall threatened to ruin the gig I was planning to go to at Farm to Table. 

My mate Steve Porte (world renowned photographer), messaged and said the show was going on rain or shine.  So off we went.

As we walked out of the sheltering car park under our apartment building we realized the rain was just too heavy to take the short 10-minute walk to the venue.  We would need to take a Tuk Tuk.

One thing which always surprises new visitors to Phnom Penh is the crazy traffic.  It’s not so much that it’s very often heavy traffic, it’s more that, there are no discernible road rules.  Well, I should clarify that; there are no rules as far as foreigners can tell but for locals there seems to be a collective understanding of this giant puzzling mess of trucks, cars, motos and tuk tuks all intermingled with pedestrians.

When it’s raining, it makes it all even more scary dangerous.  

After a few harrowing “lucky misses”, we arrived at Farm to Table and piled out. 

We were here to see Scoddy & Joe 1958!  The guys (Scott Bywater and Joe Wrigley), being consummate professionals had already finished setting up and doing sound checks and were enjoying a pre-show drink while chatting to some friends.

As always, as soon as Joe spotted me he came over to say “hi” and thank us for coming out in the rain.  He’s a truly nice guy and always good to spend some time with. 

Steve arrived and pointed us to a fabulous table he had reserved and we all took our drinks and settled in to watch the show, thankfully under cover.

The crowd was much bigger than we had expected, maybe because the rain was now starting to lighten up.  

I’ve known both Scoddy and Joe for a few years now and always enjoy their performances.  They both have a number of bands they individually head up. This would be the first time I would see them in this configuration. 

The guys did two sets of mostly songs from 1958 which was pretty cool to hear all those old numbers handled by these guys.  Songs from The Everly Brothers, Little Richard, Buddy Holly and many more made it a night to remember

The crowd was pleased and applauded heartily at the end of each song.  There was a ton of ladies dancing to the tunes and really getting into it.  Scotts mum was the leader of the dancing ladies 😊

Steve took a bunch of photos, here’s a few which captured the guys extremely well

Joe & Scott Farm to Table Phnom Penh Cambodia Joe & Scott Farm to Table Phnom Penh Cambodia  Joe & Scott Farm to Table Phnom Penh Cambodia

The food was, as always excellent and very good service kept the gin tonics flowing.

All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend the evening; good venue, great entertainment, lots of fun friends, food and drinks.

Scoddy and Joe definitely saved the night!

Don Reid

Don Reid, an experienced traveler, vagabond, shenanigans instigator and some time bar fly. Born in Australia, Don currently lives in Cambodia, when he is not traveling on his many adventures around the world. Don's website:

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